Embracing your management mission

Embracing your management mission (1).png

There is nothing more inspiring than influencing others.

It is for a reason that great leaders are described as inspirational. Great managers have the capacity to get others to believe in something, to believe that hard work and dedication serves a purpose. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy argues that the biggest motivator for human beings is finding a reason to do the things we do. It is therefore critical for a great manager to have a management mission, one which guides them and their team in understanding why are doing the things they do.  Eventually the management mission will become a mission statement, however before this a great manager must embrace the importance of being a leader and the difference they can make.

Great managers embrace the difference they make as a leader.

In some jobs it may be easy to embrace the purpose via the product you are part of producing. For example in summer camp management, it is easy to identify with the fact that by managing staff well, you indirectly influence the experience of the children. In other jobs, this moral end via the product may be harder to identify. However I am a firm believer that all great managers embrace the purpose of changing lives. As a leader of a team of people you really have this power to create positive change and bring out the best in people and hence create a more productive and happier place to work.

Great managers create not only more productive environments but also happier ones.

A great manager is nearly always someone who can tap into extra energy or enthusiasm.  Managers who are able to do so have a management mission – a purpose – which makes this extra push worth doing and cause they believe so much in this purpose they invariably pull others along with them, as people want to believe in good things. Inspiration happens when leaders combine enthusiasm and energy with purpose. Inevitably inspirational managers, create inspirational staff and positive circles are created.  So if you truly want to be the very best manager you can be, start now embracing the amazing opportunity you have to change lives as via great management you really can.

Embrace your mission of changing lives.

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