Champion of positive change

Step 2- Champion of positive change

Great managers lead others in how they think

Great managers need not only to lead people in what they do, they also need to lead their team in how they think. It can be argued how positively, and how motivated your team’s mindset is will be one of the biggest influencing factors over whether or not the team reaches the objectives you are leading them to achieve. One of these key influencing mindsets is that of believing that positive change is possible, or even more dramatically put, inevitable if your team is pushing in the same direction.

You should create the mindset that positive change is inevitable

The mindset of positive change forms such an important link binding your team. If you have your team believing the following: things can change, change depends on us in the team and it is the interest of all to create positive change then the teamwork that comes from that is inspiring.  It can be the emotional trigger your team activates when things are tough or they feel stressed. The trigger that makes them believe that around the corner is change for the better.

The belief in positive change can be the emotional trigger that bind the team to work together.

Creating a team mindset of positive change, like all mentalities, is of course something that takes work and requires continuous “maintenance”.  First and foremost your team must sense that you are in it for them and that there is goal alignment between what you are pushing to achieve and what they can get out it, in rewards, development or satisfaction. Then continuously you must push the belief that nothing is fixed, mistakes can be rectified and learned from, stress can be removed or be learnt how to deal with and most of all how people think and feel about what they do can be pointed towards positive thinking. With this investment and pointing towards change being possible, a mindset of positive change can be created.

Nothing is fixed. Everything can be changed for the better

So from here on be the team player that believes that change is possible. Then when you have fine-tuned that adapt that into being the leader that inspires others to believe that truly positive awe-inspiring change will happen if each member on your team activates their positive change chip. When a team believes that all change can eventually be guided to be positive, the possibility for huge progress is mind-blowing. So for here on:

Be the champion of positive change


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