Starting your day with a bang

Step - Starting your day with a bang

Start your day with purpose and reap the benefits

According to a fun exercise i often start my training programmes with the following equals 3 key concepts behind being the best you can be, if you work off: 1=A, 2=B, 3= C etc..:




When you have worked out the words, you can then tally the total numbers together and you come to a rather eye opening conclusion of importance, if take 100 is taken to be 100% in terms of importance. I hope you have already worked it out, now that I’m revealing it, but if 100% is connected to Attitude there is nothing more key to ensuring you have that right mindset than starting your day with a success mentality or beginning it with a bang as i like to say.

Start your day with a success mentality.

There are many books written about this importance of starting your day well with the most impressive in providing practical ways to do it being, for me: Hal Elrod’s “Miracle Morning”. In it he argues the 6 “Life S.A.V.E.R.S” with S being Silence, A Affirmations, V Visualization, E Exercise, R Reading and finally S Scribe being a process each individual should go through to start their day on maximum effectiveness.

Act out the 6 “Life Savers”

The job of a manager is often stressful, it has many ups and downs and it is never easy. What is always important is to take control and commit to doing your very best each and every day. It is important therefore when things have gone badly, be it your fault or not, that you know that tomorrow is another day and offers the possibility for new and different outcomes. Therefore if you start you day jumping out of bed, you start it focusing on creating positive change.

Start your day jumping out of bed

The simple act of proving you have the discipline to get up earlier than you need to in pursuit of being ready to face challenges of day says to yourself that you can control your day, you can change the outcomes of the previous day. Also the act of doing “affirmations” about what you can and will achieve at the very start of your day, reminds you of your purpose, your guiding logotherapy. Reading wise words of others and jotting down your thoughts makes your mind ready to be better than you ever been.

Start your day connecting with your inner purpose.

So from here on take control of your whole day by starting it with a bang, proving to yourself you can commit to being the best you. Letting your mind start with freshness and a connection to being exceptional leader you can and will be.

Start your day with a bang.


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