Day 13 / 31 Your 7 Income Streams

Day 13: Your 7 Income Streams
Day 13: Your 7 Income Streams
Day 13: Your 7 Income Streams

Did you know there are a total of 7 income streams? That is 7(!) different ways to make money, of which your job is just one… In today’s challenge you are going to find out about these seven types of income and then discover which one of these might appeal to you most to develop further and start generating some extra money.

The seven income streams are: Continue reading

Step 32: Multiple income streams

Step 32 of the 100 steps mission to financial independence: Multiple Income Streams
Step 32 of the 100 steps mission: Multiple Income Streams

Up until now we have made great progress in the areas of our savings, debt and reducing our spending in order to increase our cashflow on our way to financial independence by putting extra money towards a secure financial future. We are now going to move away from these areas for a little while and start with a new theme as there is another way to increase your cash flow: by increasing your income.

The vast majority of people see income as the money that they get from their job, and we have already touched upon income increases such as a bonus or pay rise in previous steps as a way to increase your money. Whilst income from a job is normally not only a very decent provider of money as well as a financially secure way to guarantee a steady and satisfactory income, it doesn’t have to be your only way of bringing in money. Continue reading