Believe in yourself

Believe in your own magic: Self Development

Anything is possible. Nothing is out of your reach.

The first and one of the most important steps towards magical self-development is accepting that your own potential has no fixed pre-set boundaries. Whatever you need to achieve is within your reach, at least it is if you peg this to being the best you. Each and everyone of us has magic inside of us, each of us has the potential to be better. So believe in it, as when you do; you can and will achieve more.

Nothing that came before need stand in the way of what you can achieve tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter: what grades you got at school, whether you went to university or whether you messed up at work yesterday, all that matters is how you can improve right now and what difference that will make to your future. So say it again:

I can and will achieve more.

Don’t let “can’t” stand in your way. Don’t let your self-doubt hold you back and most of all never think that anyone else is just “better” than you. Yes some people may get higher marks, may have a skill you don’t but that doesn’t mean in anyway that they are pre-set to achieve more than you. If you push yourself forward, try harder and make the most of the skills you have and most of all don’t let anything hold you back, anything is possible.

No one is pre-set to be better than you.

So as you start this journey of self development, this commitment to being the very best leader you can be. Remind yourself that you are unique, that you have magic inside of you and that believing in yourself is the step 1 to kick-starting your development journey.

You have magic inside of you, believe it!

Action to do?

List in one column all the strong characteristics you believe you have that would make you a great leader and then do the same with your doubts i.e. things that could hold you back. Don’t overthink things, rather just list them as they come to your mind.


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