Recruiting the right people for your team

Recruiting a great team

The value of adding the right new members to your team can never be underestimated. As a manager you should be actively involved in the recruitment of new staff. Good recruitment is not just about getting someone with the needed experience or qualifications, it is in fact far more personal than that, it is much more about judging how the candidate will fit into your team and the goals you have to achieve. Continue reading

Logotherapy: creating a culture of purpose

Logotherapy and a Culture of Purpose (2)

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances” – Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy is based on the premise that the human person is motivated by a “will to meaning,” an inner pull to find a meaning in life. According to Frankl: “We can discover this meaning in life in three different ways: (1) by creating a work or doing a deed; (2) by experiencing something or encountering someone; and (3) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering”. Logotherapy “the will to meaning” is thus very relevant and significant in the work place as we experience all three indicated points during our work. We daily create “work” and do “deeds”, we work in teams of people and experience new things and naturally work is often challenging and stressful. Continue reading

Ask and learn instead of saying can’t

Ask and learn

“Can’t do” is the start of all excuses

It can not be underestimated how important it is to be a “yes i can” manager over “no i can’t”. A “yes I can” leader does not put limits on what they can succeed or on skill-sets they can improve in or learn.  Even more importantly, they do not allow “I can’t” mentalities among their team. A “I can” mentality is one that ensures your first response to challenges is seeing them as possible to be overcome. You may not yet know how to jump the hurdle in front but by having a “i can” trigger you accept it will be possible to do so in the future and commit to doing the action or learning needed to get there. Continue reading

Get ready for the 31 Day Challenge to Financial Excellence

31 Day Challenge To Financial Excellence
31 Day Challenge To Financial Excellence
31 Day Challenge To Financial Excellence

In just 10 days from today, on October 1st we will be starting the 31 Day Challenge to Financial Excellence. During these 31 Days many different financial topics will be covered, including expenses, debt, savings, pensions, income, investing, financial security and many more! If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to do so here.

Whilst you will be sent all the necessary information and challenges at the start of each day, I recommend you do the following before October 1st to be as prepared as you can be for when we start the 31 Day Challenge:

* Join the Facebook Group dedicated to this mission and connect with other people during the 31 Day Challenge to see how they are doing and to find motivation. This is also where you can go as soon as you finish your challenge and let us know you have completed it or put any specific details or questions regarding that day’s challenge.

* Follow 100 Steps Mission on Twitter for more tips and ideas every day. During the 31 Days, we will be using the hashtag #31DaysChallengetoFE so feel free to send out a tweet at the end of each challenge to let the rest of the world know about your progress!

* If you know of anybody else who could do with a financial make over, let them know about this challenge so they can join too. Or find a friend, colleague or family member willing to do this challenge with you so you have an accountability partner!

* I recommend you find an old notebook to take notes in every day, either regarding the challenge you are doing or to jot down important information or ideas. Alternatively you can of use a digital file for this depending on your preferences of course.

That’s all you need to do for now! Not long now 😀

Step 3: Find a mentor

Having a mentor (1)

The best way to be the best is learn from the best.

As the saying goes “there is no substitute for experience”. I personally believe the saying should be “there is no substitute for GOOD experience” as experience itself does not help you to become better unless it were part of a learning process, hence a GOOD experience. A fast track way to learning the things only good experience can give is having a mentor.  The value of having a mentor is they can assess your actions and decisions through the context of comparing to the experiences they have had them-self. Mentors who are skilled at giving feedback can then break up things into small parts so you can learn and “benefit” from their experience. Continue reading

Working and thinking in Quadrant II

Working and thinking in Quadrant II

It is not being busy that matters but what you are being busy about.

Great managers are nearly always strong at time prioritization and likewise a common feature of weaker leaders is never having enough time! When you see one manager succeeding and another struggling in the same responsibilities, at first glance it is easy to think that one manager has less tasks or responsibilities and hence more time, but invariably when one looks at things in more detail, the difference is more to do with use of time than amount of tasks. Managers who have learned to prioritize and use time well have taught themselves to identify and think about what they, and their team, have to do within a hierarchy of prioritization. Continue reading

Coming soon: 31 Day Challenge to Financial Excellence

31 Day Challenge To Financial Excellence
31 Day Challenge To Financial Excellence
31 Day Challenge To Financial Excellence

Are you looking to give your finances a quick make over? Do you want to learn about the 31 most important financial steps you can take right now to kick your money management skills into high gear? Would you like to become more financially organized but do you have no idea where to start? Could your current financial status do with a health check?

If so then join me for the 31 Day Challenge to Financial Excellence, starting October 1st 2017! During these 31 Days you will be given a challenge or task to complete each day that will bring you one step closing to Financial Excellence and Success.

During these 31 days we will cover a huge range of topics: expenses, debt, savings, pensions, income, investing, financial security and many more!

There is no need to read dull money books or spend hours learning about complicated financial concepts, each day’s challenge has all the information you need to get you started!

Sign up now and you will automatically receive each challenge delivered to your inbox on October 1st! Make sure to also join the Facebook group for daily tips, news, support and accountability!