Day 31 / 31 Set Goals and Visualize your Dreams

Day 31: Set Goals and Visualize your Dreams
Day 31: Set Goals and Visualize your Dreams
Day 31: Set Goals and Visualize your Dreams

Congratulations!! You’ve made it to the last day of the 31 Day Challenge to Financial Excellence! Some days might have been easier and others more difficult, but you held on and continued until the end. That’s a good sign as it not only means that you’ve probably made some huge progress in many of your financial areas, it also indicates that you are much more likely to appreciate the progress you’ve made and to keep up giving financial planning a prominent place in your life.

And that is also the very last challenge of this series: to set goals and to visualize your dreams in order to keep moving forward even now you’ve come to an end of the 31 Days.

Firstly start with setting goals. Look back at the various areas we’ve covered during these 31 days, such as debt, savings, income, investments and pensions and set goals for each of them. When do you want to pay off each debt? How much do you want to have saved next year, in five years etc. How much do you want to earn when you are 35 or 50?

Once you have identified goals in most of the financial areas, start thinking about your bigger dreams. Why do you want to earn x amount of money? To buy a boat, a second house or to travel the world? What will you use your investments for? To pass on a legacy, reduce your hours of work when you are older or move to a more expensive state to be closer to your children?

Once you’ve thought about your dreams find some time to create a vision board:  a visual representation of your goals: a big poster or collage, usually made up of photos, pictures or drawings along with quotes or short statements that represent the key goals you are working towards.

Place a vision board in a strategical place (like on the fridge, bathroom mirror or inside of your wardrobe door) and you are constantly reminded of your goals, your why’s and the reason for planning your financial life meticulously from here on.

Share a photo of your vision board on Facebook or Instagram or read more about goal setting in the 100 steps mission to Financial Independence, in particular in Step 2: Set Financial Goals and Step 95: Visualize your Dreams.

Once again well done on making it til the end and if you enjoyed this challenge, please spread the word to somebody else who could do with an upgrade of their financial life.


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