Day 7 / 31 Start a Weekly Money Moment

Day 7: Start a Weekly Money Moment
Day 7: Start a Weekly Money Moment
Day 7: Start a Weekly Money Moment

The more steps you make towards Financial Excellence, the more important it becomes to build in some time on a regular basis to check how you are doing and start looking at longer term goals and plans.

Today’s task is to set a regular appointment with yourself, during which you can dedicate some time to updating the state of your finances. Ideally you would find a set moment a week that you can nearly always dedicate to this new habit, such as every Sunday evening, Saturday morning or Wednesday at 12:00. In this way you are less likely to forget and more likely to stick to this new routine.

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Step 18: Start a Weekly Finance Review

Step 18 of the 100 steps mission to financial independence: Start a weekly finance review
Step 18: Start a Weekly Finance Review

Step 18 is all about starting a new and incredibly powerful habit, one that will allow you to focus on your mission, realign your spending and savings patterns to your goals and get closer each time until little by little one day you tick off your first goal, then your second one, your third, until you realize you are able to hit your goals one after the other.

This new super habit is starting a weekly finance review, during which you will go through your goals and some of the main steps we have covered up til now, and when you work your way through the next 82 steps that are still to come, you will add some of those steps to your weekly review too. In that way you consistently hold yourself accountable for your success as you review whether you are on track (or not) for the rest of the month, and what adjustments need to be made in order to make sure you will achieve your goals for the month, and with that ultimately those much desired long-term goals.

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